Volume 2

Looking at painting, Volume 2, 2016

Looking at Painting, Volume 2, 2016

Looking at Painting, Volume 2, 2016

Looking at Painting, Volume 2, 2016


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Looking at Painting

Volume 2, 2016
Published in Leeds
ISBN: 978-0-9930638-1-7

Perfect bound / 300gsm soft matt laminated cover / 115gm uncoated

Looking at Painting is a journal featuring artists and ideas that exist within the extended sense of painting. This Volume continues to focus on the theme of colour and form.

Designed and Published by Jessie Churchill, Leeds UK

Artists Featured:

Stella Corkery
Martin Lukáč
Erin O’keefe
Elad Lassry at David Kordansky Gallery
Patric Sandri
kristi Kongi
Laura Põld
Cliodhna Timoney
Mark Wheatley aka MARKO
Mark Posey
Russell Leng
Linas Jusionis
Jessica Simorte
Tom Blatt
Christopher Paul Dean
Jake Longstreth
Stefan Peters
“Modelling Landscapes – The Google Earth series by Stefan Peters. Text by Hans Op de Beeck
Nathan Brooker
Joshua Nierodzinski
Tom Wilmott
Michael Swaney
Eva Škrovinová
Francesc Ruiz Abad
Johanna Tagada (Atelier photographs by Ruby Woodhouse)
Jane Hayes Greenwood
Lauren Keeley
Kate Owens
Katie Tindle
Jack Otway
Stacey Broadbent
Becca MacDonald
Bryony Hussey
Shelby Seu
Matt Gee
Corey Bartle-Sanderson
Marita Fraser


  1. Dear,

    I have question.

    Do you only gain painting work?


    • Hi Showna,
      Sorry for the delay this message was sent to our spam folder. Yes we take all kinds of work not just the traditional sense of painting, please feel free to send work. you can email us at lookingatpainting@gmail.com

  2. Hi,
    Just following up on an email I sent to with my application. I have not heard back at all and I’m wondering did you receive my information?


    • Hi Marc,
      Thank you for your submission we received your information, we are currently going through submissions,

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