Obras Completas (Caniche Editorial, 2016) is the first book by artist Guillermo Mora, a collection of 20 unique pieces comprises of books from his personal library marked with paint, trapped together for good.



Obras Completas #6

“Paint in this project serves not as an image but as a material which covers and encloses. The blocks of colour partially or totally bathe the books’ covers, back covers, and spines, literally hiding their contents. Information fades layer by layer. Paint seals pages that will never be opened again. Each piece forces the authors and the titles to coexist. In groups of two, three, four, and up to five books, these diverse objects are now grouped as one thing, like a capsule, and obliged to tell their story”



Obras Completas #3



Obras Completas #20

Caniche Editorial are a small publishing house specialising  in contemporary artistic projects encompassing writing and all the visual arts: fine arts, photography, installations, and performance art.

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